Life Coach: Benefits of Hiring a Life Coach

Life can happen fast. Bad things—divorce, job loss, death—can seemingly come out of nowhere and send your life into a tailspin. Even good things like marriage, a baby, or a career change can leave you feeling scared and disoriented. Or maybe nothing at all is happening; you’re in a rut and want to jumpstart your present job, improve your relationships, or perhaps start a business. How do you begin to formulate a plan to get what you want?

A life coach can help you get to the next level – Life coaching is a synergistic relationship between you and an accredited life coach. Coaches are not therapists. And they won’t tell you what to do. Instead, they work with you to help you tap into your full potential. Just as world-class athletes wouldn’t think of training without the insight, objectivity, and enthusiasm of a supportive coach, today’s most successful individuals often use the services of a life coach to take their lives to a higher level. How could a life coach help you transform your life?

1. Accountability – Synergy comes from the joint effort that you and your coach exert. As part of the process, you will come up with realistic goals—owned by you—that will be inspirational and achievable. Once you have told your coach what you are going to do, your desire to achieve those goals will increase exponentially. And if your progress toward those goals becomes stalled along the way, your coach will be there to help you move forward again.
2. Objectivity – Unlike your family and friends who might find it difficult to be unbiased, your life coach will provide objective input toward your progress and help you to see yourself and your situation in a different light. Remember as a child how you often took advice better from outsiders than from your family? The truth is…You never actually outgrew that.
3. Clarity – Some years ago, Joe Jackson had a hit song with the following lyrics: “You can’t get what you want, ‘til you know what you want.” Knowing what you want is a big part of the battle, and your coach will help you to be clear and to stay clear on what you’re looking to achieve.
4. Focus – Life coaching gives you an opportunity to direct your attention to you and your aspirations. Your time with your coach frees you from your roles as a parent, spouse, employee, or friend and gives you space to concentrate on what you want from life.
5. Development – You will be taking an honest look at yourself during the coaching process. There are times when you will be required to leave your comfort zone, but you will learn and develop through the efforts and discomfort that you are willing to endure.

As a Certified Life Coach, I can offer the benefits of coaching in a supportive environment to help you focus and to motivate you to achieve your goals.
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