Coaching A Success Secret of High Achievers


Golfer Jordan Spieth has one. So does major league pitching ace, Clayton Kershaw. Even tennis great Serena Williams depends on one. These top athletes and others like them have depended on coaches to steer them to the top of their games and to keep them there once they’ve arrived. They understand that talent and hard work won’t propel them to the upper echelons of their sports without the guidance of a coach.

If these high achievers in the world of sports believe a coach to be an indispensable part of their success, maybe it’s time for you to consider how a coach can help you to produce extraordinary results in your business.

Here are four ways a business coach can help accelerate your success:
1. Objectivity
While your friends and family can be an excellent source of support, the unbiased input from a business coach can make a significant difference to your perspective, helping you see things about yourself and your situation in a different light. Since your coach isn’t personally involved in your life, she can view your situation objectively and provide honest feedback.
2. Accountability
Having to answer to a coach can motivate you to action. By sharing with your coach what you intend to accomplish, you will increase your desire to do it. After you set your goals, a good coach will keep you on track. If you are not moving forward, it will become evident very quickly and will be dealt with more swiftly than if you were going it alone. Accountability is a powerful tool for meeting goals and creating change.
3. Focus your personal development efforts
Some weaknesses need to be fixed; others are best left as they are. A business coach can guide you to investing your time and energy where it will produce maximum returns. With the help of a coach, you will be looking at yourself honestly and challenging yourself to push beyond your comfort zones. Business coaching will enhance your personal development and assist you in taking your business to the next level.
4. Insights
Because a business coach works with you and has the opportunity to observe you over time, she can provide insights into your behavior and your interactions with others. These insights will help you make sense of your business, those around you, and the difficulties you face each day. These insights will remain with you into the future, even after your coaching relationship ends.

While we may not be able to help improve your golf swing, your pitch, or your tennis game, we can help you with your business and your career. Give us a call at 610-850-5688 to learn more.