Laura Justiniano, MBA, CPC

Master of Business Administration and Certified Professional Life Coach

After 20 years in corporate and financial services, I have experienced both the good and bad of the business world. From San Juan to Boston to Seattle and Philadelphia, I have interacted with managers, executives, and customers that have spanned a wide range of talent, quality, dedication, ethics, competence, satisfaction and desire to perform well.
I have also interacted with people that have given up, lost their hope, and abandoned their talents without pursuing their goals. It may be their fault but more than likely it is their environment, the lack of developmental guidance or perhaps other issues in their personal lives.

Work affects life and life affect work.

This experience has motivated me to commit to coaching and consulting individuals with a broad range of personal, professional and business objectives.

I am committed to working with individuals who wish to explore a new path and discover new opportunities, that will renew their enthusiasm. I will provide you with the benefits of coaching in a supportive environment that will help you focus and motivate you to achieve your goals.

I am committed to working with people looking to rediscover their career, make a career move or just explore new options,

I am also motivated to work with entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses helping them navigate the ins and out of their day to day challenges. Help you turn your idea into a business or improve your business operations. According to your needs, I can help get the necessary business skills, develop your strategy and reach your business goals.

Business Consulting

Add a Member to Your Team

Help with a New Project

Make Changes and Be More Efficient


Life Coach

Coaching in a One on One, Confidential Setting

Define Goals and Set Intentions

Implement Changes



Leadership Theory and Frameworks

Transformational Leadership

Leadership Development


Peer Learning

Group Driven Agenda


How We Work




  • Identify opportunities
  • Set your objectives
  • Identify the key areas that need attention
  • Learn about your business from a different perspective
  • Determine your priorities 
  • Explore all the options
  • Redefine your objectives and goals
  • Define the strategies accordingly
  • Set plans into action
  • Monitor schedule and deliverables
  • Make any necessary adjustments


Monday – Friday
by appointment


Address 555 East High Street, Pottstown PA  19464

Phone 610-850-5688