Business Consultant

Entrepreneurs, small business owners, and their employees concentrate on defining business objectives and creating a plan to achieve success.  You, your staff and your organization will benefit the most from the dual coaching and consulting roles.  Engaging, understanding and increasing awareness are all key elements that will move you and your business forward on the path to success.  Coaching provides a unique perspective on how personal and business ways have to relate to achieving your goals.  Consulting provides the business skills, frameworks and structure. 

We help with strategy, planning and problem solving in the areas of
strategy, marketing, design and technology.

How We Work




  • Identify opportunities
  • SWOT Analisis
  • Identify the key areas needing attention
  • Learn about your business from a different perspective
  • Determine your priorities 
  • Explore all the options
  • Set you objectives
  • Define the strategies accordingly
  • Set plans into action
  • Monitor schedule and deliverables
  • Make any necessary adjustments

We work in areas such as:

  • Business Assessment and Development
  • Business Plans and Strategy
  • Vision and Mission Clarification
  • Finance and Budgets
  • Marketing and Design
  • Website Assessment, Updates, and Social Media Presence

As a consultant, I will share knowledge and skills to address those items you consider need attention.  I will help you research options and find optimum solutions.

As a coach, I help you understand and review your choices; how and why you should consider the many opportunities in front of you and how to reach an ideal decision.

I can help you define your action plan and help keep you and your employees accountable for following and executing it.  I can provide expertise in specific ideas and solutions to help create your action plan and how best to deliver it.

Get in touch to discuss your concerns and how we can work together to address them.